Soul Alive Band – Led by Pat Johnson-Bass and Music Director

Is not your typical party band but a fresh unique high-energy variety band that delivers it all from the Current top 40 charts, Classics, Motown, Soul, Pop and Rock.  This dynamic band has electrified audiences everywhere and has humbly built a reputation for being the best party band worldwide.

Whether “Soul Alive” is performing the Presidential Inaugural Ball or the Mirage Las Vegas; it could be your quaint intimate party of 100 guests or a corporate affair of over 2,000.  Soul Alive is the solution to your affair adding excitement, enjoyment and elegance.

Exceptional Live Entertainment

Soul Alive has proven over and over again that they are exclusive in live entertainment. Their professionalism and expertise allows them to catapult every event to another level. Whether partying with Katie Couric along side Bette Midler and Tony Bennett, or with Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, Paul McCartney, The King of Morocco or with you and your special guests, with style and class the Soul Alive band takes their high energy live performance to new heights, no matter the clientele.

Making Soul Alive History

Originally established and named Soul Solution in 1998, this band has performed for countless high profile clients worldwide and their reputation grew like wild fire all over the world.

Soon after, the band decided to perform as Soul Alive. Because of their passion for music and by popular demand, the band has not stopped and has managed to keep the “Soul Alive.” And just as in the beginning as word of mouth spreads fast so grows the good reputation of the band. Soul Alive continues to provide the best and be the best, proving that the heart and soul and integrity of live music entertainment is still alive and still desired…by you.

What makes Soul Alive exceptional in live entertainment?

It’s the individual unique styling each band member brings to the unit. The love and passion for music delivered in each song is felt and undeniable.  Along with their hunger to perform excellence the band’s authentic chemistry leaves no room for duplication.

“The Soul” of “The Band”

The musicians shine bright by themselves, as they are the foundation of Soul Alive.  They are the heart and soul of the band, with achievements and accolades to long to list.

Their ability to read and move a crowd of any age, plus the skills and talents to make every song their own gives you the feeling of being at a live concert bringing to life all of your favorite songs.  Dedicated and talented musicians driven by great quality music, what moves and comes from their soul will truly reach yours.

“The Vocalists” the “Life” of the band and the party

The Frontline vocalists add so much energy and life to the band. They are electrifying, passionate, charismatic personalities with naturally raw talent yet skilled in their craft.  Individually theses vocalists and recording artists also have a lengthy list of achievements.

They each display their unique styles and star-like qualities and when joined together, with unique chemistry they create one powerful, unattainable force that excites and ignites people all over the world.

With professionalism and the exceptional live performance they always give, their humility, love for each other and their love of performing allows no room for Diva attitudes as the client and guests are always their focus, at every affair they give all and work hard to make sure a good time is had by all. “If you didn’t have a good time, it’s your own fault”.